STIBO (with SICOBERRY), is a french company that produce and distribute natural products worldwide since 2001, from the United States to Japan and Europe.
We offer a wide range of IQF products, from fruits to forest products.
The greatness of STIBO's fruits is a result of a combination between french technology and know-how used in SICOBERRY and the high quality of serbian red fruits.

The pursuit of excellence is very important in our work. This allows us to be present in the world of high-end pastry, ice-cream maker and fine food.
This is the reason why we carefully select our serbian producters with whom we work directly, in
order to ensure a high quality and a perfectly controlled supply.

In 2006, STIBO created with its partner, a production unit in Serbia, SICOBERRY to serve better its customers .

In order to limit the time between picking and IQF freezing, STIBO (with SICOBERRY) integrated a full traceability of its products through its collaboration with more than 250 farmers and farm cooperatives from the producing regions. The fruits are collected and frozen immediately after picking to preserve their flavor and nutritive value.

Always looking for innovation, STIBO and SICOBERRY are engaged in a diverse development program with a private  research  institute in Serbia for the research of new fruit's variety.

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